I Love winter, the calmest days in the year .. It's full of peace and Pure smiles, pure thoughts, pure wishes..


Memories! Lipstick Rehearsals, Eurovision song contest 2011.

the person who choreographed their routine was a genius, he captured the essence of their personality, how they “Reflect” each other 

Super Jedward

if one thing I would wipe away from Jedward’s history and everyone’s memory as if it never happened, it would be the Super Jedward shirtless and underwear shots, first I’m a girl but never a fan of any shirtless shots of any guy no matter who he is, or swim suit shots for girls, same goes for the underwear. The Super jedward shirtless and underwear shots were  a disgrace, and Leslie Kee is a pervert who had the “Taboo” as a concept of his shots but the boys didn’t realize it .. it wasn’t a gay shots, it was worse .. what a disgusting pervert man the photographer is ! damn him, I am glad it’s limited edition so not anyone would stumble upon those pictures. I randomly googled Lesile Kee and was shocked and terrified by the Photos he is taking!! 

Anonymous asked
do you know if the twins' parents are divorced/separated? i know john and edward have said that they aren't, but they have also said that their parents have different houses in lucan..? i'm just curious cause the whole situation is a bit strange. xx


To be honest, I have no idea, sorry. xx 

their parents are living together and never been separated, wikipedia said they’re divorced but the boys said it’s not true and they come from happy family, I guess the Grandpa was living with them as well before he passed away in 2012.