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Jedward Interview on TV3 Late Lunch Live

17th April 2014 Jedward interview on this show was one of their best interviews ever in 5 years! 44 minutes of Joy, fun, friendly atmosphere and loads of info’s. 

The Presenters were friendly and absolutely LOVE the twins, it showed clearly in their attitude and engagement, they were delighted to have them which is always heart warming to see. 

So John and Edward mentioned loads of facts, here are some: 

- Edward Edited the whole video of “Everyday Superstar” which they filmed one night in Australia. 

- They want to tour Germany.

- “Free Spirit” was written by John at the beginning of February where he was inspired by Gracie Gold, the Figure Skater, he saw her on Tv and thought she is amazing then written the song and worked with Edward on it so the fans would connect to it.

- “Free Spirit” is an easy going song where the rest of the tracks are much more powerful, lyrically and musically, more drums and Guitar! So Free Spirit is just a teaser. 

- They were asked to go back this year to Eurovision to do something on stage, not to represent Ireland but something else, everybody get excited and stay tuned!

- Edward have written “Ageless” and it’s his favourite track from the new album.

- The 4th Album will be released in summer.

- their Olympia Theater concert in 20th of April will witness 10 outfit changes. 

- John’s recent favourite movie is “Saving Mr. Brooke” and Edward’s Favourite is “Gravity” 

-They’re friend with Imelda May, they know her Granny and Mom, she sends them Christmas cards every year.

here’s the link of the whole Amazing interview 


Memories! Lipstick Rehearsals, Eurovision song contest 2011.

the person who choreographed their routine was a genius, he captured the essence of their personality, how they “Reflect” each other 

Super Jedward

if one thing I would wipe away from Jedward’s history and everyone’s memory as if it never happened, it would be the Super Jedward shirtless and underwear shots, first I’m a girl but never a fan of any shirtless shots of any guy no matter who he is, or swim suit shots for girls, same goes for the underwear. The Super jedward shirtless and underwear shots were  a disgrace, and Leslie Kee is a pervert who had the “Taboo” as a concept of his shots but the boys didn’t realize it .. it wasn’t a gay shots, it was worse .. what a disgusting pervert man the photographer is ! damn him, I am glad it’s limited edition so not anyone would stumble upon those pictures. I randomly googled Lesile Kee and was shocked and terrified by the Photos he is taking!!